WM Doll and 6YE Doll Information

Welcome to the WM Doll and 6YE Doll Information Page.

On this page you will find general information about our love dolls that should hopefully allow you to have more of an idea about our sex dolls before purchasing.
Please note: If you require the "FAQ" for My Love Doll please vist our FAQ page here: FAQ. Furthermore if you wish to view WM Doll modifications please click "WM Doll Options" from the homepage or here.

As for 6Ye Doll you can find out about the the modifications of the doll on the 6Ye doll product page where you purchase. There is information on this page about new technology that 6Ye doll has in regards to ball joint movements and also new head connect tech. 

About our Sex Dolls

We sell high quality and realistic sex dolls at a price that won’t destroy your bank. Although realistic looking sex dolls of a high calibre are expensive generally, we at Japanese Love Toys sought out the BEST SEX DOLLS for the BEST PRICE. We pass the savings onto you to make sure that owning a stunning love doll can be a reality. Our Sex Dolls are handmade to order to suit your taste and style. Feel, gaze, touch and discover the girl of your dreams with our stunning realistic sex dolls.

WM Doll Movements

WM Doll Body Movements

WM Doll sex doll is able to contort and move any many different body positions to prop and pose to your liking. Once positioned you can play, gaze and admire or even just turn your babe into a model photo shoot session, god knows she's worth it. Below pictures demonstrate the movements and poses of My Love Doll sex doll.

6YE Doll Movements

Movements of 6YE Doll

6Ye doll can move in many different fashions, what sets itself apart from a lot of other love doll manufacturers is that 6Ye has it on a new ball-joint system so that wrist and neck can move on a ball more like a human. Other sex doll creators only have a bend which limits movement. 6Ye also have a special head connection system which entails a easy click-in whilst allowing the head to easily rotate, this is unique to the brand as other sex dolls are made only with a screw on head style.

Below are some examples of how this new technology works for 6Ye sex doll. 

Head Movement of 6Ye - Ball-Joint Neck

New Gen Head Connection

Body Movements with Skeleton Structure 

See how 6YE doll sets itself from the rest in terms of ball joint tech. Enjoy ultimate realism on genital areas and no seam lines on body. 

6YE Dolls Have No Seams

Yes thats right, 6Ye doll have figured out a way to remove those annoying seams from there love dolls. Check out the picture below to see. 

6YE Doll Options and modificaitons

To view 6YE Doll's options and modifications you can click here

The Love Doll Artists 

Allow our highly talented artists to design and create the love doll of your dreams that is just for you!. Our sex doll artists over years have been able to finely tune their artistic skills to perfect love dolls that not only embody beauty and grace but also presence and life.

All our sex dolls are designed with the most realistic body parts to capture the real beauty that awaits you.

Screwed feet for standing

My love doll can be sold with an addition extra of standing up. When you order please choose "screwed feet for standing" this will allow the sex doll to have a strengthened soul for standing poses. 

Worldwide sex doll shipping

We ship our sex dolls worldwide so if you live outside of Australia we can arrange shipment for you to your country directly from the factory.

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