Introducing the 'Kunoichi Inpo Syokusyuriken Sticky Soft!' this translates to, er herm longish one here, 'Horny Ninja Girl Tenticle Throwing Star!' got it? its the usual naming we get around this store, but enough about the name this toy is one to remember as she has a unique shuriken chamber that will treat you all the way back to the edo jidai. The insides are called in Japanese "earthworm design' which is lined all the way and combines into the shuriken shape. The texture inside is soft and mushy and is design to embed itself around you all the way. This masturbator is a good example what hot powers brand can do, they not only make good strong toys but also unique. 



Kunoichi Inpo Syokusyuriken-Horny Ninja girl Tentacle Throwing star Onahole features:

  • Length: 155mm 
  • Total width: 65mm 
  • Inner hole length: 130mm 
  • Weight: 400g 
  • Materials: TPE
  • Non-air hole type masturbator
  • Includes mini lube

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Kunoichi Inpo Syokusyuriken Sticky Soft

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