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Head Selection 








Skin Type

Wig Options

Areola Size

Areola Colour

Breast Type

Labia Colour

Pubic Hair Selection

Eye Options


Vagina - Built-in or Insert. Insert has a sleeve to keep the cavity clean


Shoulder Type


Doll Hanger and Head Stand



6YE Movements 

6Ye doll can move in many different fashions, what sets itself apart from a lot of other love doll manufacturers is that 6Ye has it on a new ball-joint system so that wrist and neck can move on a ball more like a human. Other sex doll creators only have a bend which limits movement. 6Ye also have a special head connection system which entails a easy click-in whilst allowing the head to easily rotate, this is unique to the brand as other sex dolls are made only with a screw on head style.

Below are some examples of how this new technology works for 6Ye sex doll. 

Head Movement of 6Ye - Ball-Joint Neck

6YE Movement and Material Buoyancy

The Frame

See the design of 6YE Doll. How the doll is designed and created. Below displays the strong frame used.  

No Seams

Yes thats right, 6Ye doll have figured out a way to remove those annoying seams from there love dolls. Check out the picture below to see. 

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